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I am unable to browse to localhost or on my new Windows 8 machine. The World Wide Web Publishing Service is running. I can't telnet to port 80 on or localhost. The firewall service is not running.

Are there other settings I need to check?

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By "can't connect" do you mean it responds with a blank page or that the connection attempt results in an error? – Jason Kleban Jan 24 '13 at 23:49

Are there other settings I need to check?

Check the port number to which IIS is bound.

In an elevated command-prompt use netstat -anb to see whether anything is listening on port 80.

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I ran netstat -aon and it showed 0:0:0:0:80 for local address pid 4 which was the System process. It's not clear what System is doing with port 80 and why. – Tony_Henrich Sep 27 '12 at 8:13

I think you should check the portnumber on which IIS is running or else try 8080 port number

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