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On my phone (Android 4.1) I can add an exchange account with the following info all under "Incoming Settings":

-email address []
-domain\username [serversdomain\myusername]
-server url []
-Port [443]

This works great, allows access to the calendar and contact as well as mail. I can connect outlook to the server when i am on the same network, or connected to it via a VPN. But, if i am on a different network it will not connect.

I have tried several different email clients (thunderbird, emMail, evolution) and all require additional settings, some that i cannot provide:

-Name [Ben]
-email address []
-Incoming Server Type [IMAP or POP3]
-Incoming Server hostname [] ??? not sure about this
-Incoming Server port [443] 
-Incoming SSL [SSL/TLS]
-Incoming Authentication [Normal Password]
-Outgoing Server Type [SMTP]
-Outgoing Server hostname []
-Outgoing Server port [25] 
-Outgoing SSL [SSL/TLS]
-Outgoing Authentication [Normal Password]

This will connect quite happily to the smtp server for outgoing mail, but will not connect to the server for incoming mail.

My questions are, can someone: -tell me where i am going wrong? -Tell me why my phone can connect with less settings than PC mail clients? -point me to a PC client that will work with the same settings as my phone?


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