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In window you can use grave key to switch between keyboard languages. How do you type grave and Tilda symbols after that?

enter image description here

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You can always do it with its Alt code: Alt+96 for the grave accent, and Alt+126 for the tilda.

If you want to use those accents in combination of other letters, you have mainly 3 solutions:

  • Use another key combination to change your layout/input language,
  • Learn by heart all alt codes for those accentuated letters,
  • Use a Autohotkey script to remap your keys to avoid the ` one.
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Thanks, Microsoft may provide an easy alternative method to insert these characters when it use that button for switching keyboard layout. I am looking for such method – PHPst Sep 26 '12 at 17:07
Also worth mentioning is that some editors may have an insert symbol option, allowing to click the characters from list and copy it to clipboard. – jiggunjer Nov 23 '15 at 3:29

Apart from @m4573r answer, you can type ` and ~ by just push and hold the key for longer than 1 second.

it will appear like this


now you got the these characters :0

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