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I'm trying to create a tarball, and there is one specific file that I need to preserve as a symlink in the tarball. However, there are a lot of other symlinks that I can't preserve as symlinks, because they point to files outside the scope of the tarball - if I don't use the "-h" option the tarball will be useless to anybody but me.

Is there a way I can override the "-h" option for a single file?

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Try this


  1. Create the tarball (excluding all symlinks)
  2. Use the --append flag to add the one symlink you
    want tar -h --append --file=mytarball.tar MySymlink

How to Add Files to Existing Archives

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brilliant! thanks, I'll test this myself when I get a chance, and accept your answer. – Michael Sep 26 '12 at 18:59

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