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I have some presentations that are filmed. The audio is the presenter and the video is all the Powerpoint slides (size 1024x768, video codec H264, audio codec AAC).

I would like to reduce their final file size since a 1 hour presentation is about 800 MB. Most of it is the video part which as I said is mostly powerpoint slides that don't change much over a matter of several seconds.

Which codec would be better suited to encode this images and reduce the size of the end file?

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The best codec is difficult to say, since the H264 is a lossy codec, and you don't say how much of a reduction in quality you are willing to tolerate.

On the other hand, if the video is just images of the slides, you might consider re-coding this as a video podcast. It has all the features for cycling thru a bunch of still images while an audio track is playing, and only taking the minimum space needed to hold everything.

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Better still, have users install the FREE power point viewer you can download from Microsoft. Then you just send your power point file, which should be significantly smaller. If they're an Ubuntu user Liber office will display it. For the Mac guys Keynote is the only way to go. You can D/L a free 30 day trial of iWork.

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The idea is not the powerpoint file - everybody has Office available - it's the "soundtrack" of the presenter while a specific slide is shown. If I could synchronize the PPT with the audio that would be great, otherwise the users will wonder which slide the presenter is talking about. – rslite Sep 27 '12 at 1:30

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