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Is it possible to access your AWS S3 bucket via ftp?

I am currently using the AWS console to upload files but this is rather laborious as you cannot upload entire directories.

I note that AWS does not offer direct ftp access to S3, but there are some ftp clients who offer this service. Can anyone recommend a solution?

Thank you.

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Is it possible to access your AWS S3 bucket via ftp?

No, I don't think this is possible - sorry!

However, there are lots of tools out there for uploading and syncing content to S3 - many of them free and many of them open source.

I tend to use CloudBerry Explorer for my tasks - including the command line interface - but there are lots of alternative products and solutions out there.

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Cyberduck, Transmit & CrossFTP

There's a lot of S3 compatible clients.

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thanks. this might just be it for us. – smartnut007 May 4 '11 at 18:47

Yes, you can do this using CloudFTP from SMEStorage. I use this to have my website automatically backup to S3 (

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