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I need LINEST function to be applied with blank cells to get the slope parameter as well as the associated standard error. I can get the slope parameter with a normal function that may resolve the problem via other complementary functions, but not its standard error, I think. Is there any solution for using LINEST with blank cells in array form? Any ideas, please?

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I'm not clear what you are looking for - what do you mean by "associated standard error"? Can you give an example? – barry houdini Sep 26 '12 at 21:11

I’m guessing you have something like

                                                Excel worksheet with missing data

where B = 2×A+3, but with some B data missing.  Filter out your blank Y (B) values:

filter dialog box->resulting filtered data view

Now select your data, type Alt+;, copy, and paste somewhere (probably a new sheet would be good).  You now have just your complete data:

                                              data with no rows with missing data

and you should be able to get your stats from that.

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Thanks! This does exactly what I needed it to do. What exactly does the Alt+; shortcut do? I know it works, but I can't figure out what exactly it's doing. – stephenwade Jan 31 '13 at 6:41
@stephenwade: Its name is “Select Visible Cells” or “Select Visible Cells Only”. I guess the simplest explanation is that, if you have a bunch of cells selected, and some of them are hidden (by explicitly Hiding rows or columns, or through Filtering), this command de-selects the hidden ones. You can also perform this function by Home (tab) –> Editing (panel) –> Find & Select –> Go To Special –> Visible Cells Only. You can add it to your Quick Access Toolbar if you want (look for “Select Visible Cells” in the “Commands Not in the Ribbon” group). – Scott Jan 31 '13 at 20:40

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