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Hoping someone can help me as I have, thus far, been unable to solve the issue.

I am running a media center utilizing Ubuntu 12.04.

I was initially successful accessing media files from the desktop running Ubuntu via my Windows 7 laptop and Roku device.

I started backing up a new batch of DVD's I had (into MKV files, like everything else in my media folders) and noticed I cannot access the new files from either the Roku or the laptop.

  • I have not changed any settings in the media folder.
  • I have verified the shared permissions.
    • The parent folder (Media) is shared (with permission flow-down) while the subfolders (Movies, TV Shows, Music) are not.
    • I have changed the permissions on this to include shared when the access problem arose but with no success.
  • I can only access the original files uploaded an not new files added.

Any suggestions?

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Can you provide a few more specifics? How are you sharing the files? SMB? NFS? Something else? Also, can you be more specific about the permissions, error messages received, etc.? I don't think that there's enough key information in your post to be able to diagnose the problem. – Scott Severance Sep 27 '12 at 7:55

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