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Oops, there seems to be no driver. Could you recommend me some driver for a similar device?

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Since they have no specific Windows 7 drivers, I would suggest trying the Vista driver in its place.

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The printer is now printing. But as for the scanner, it is not working. Windows said that no driver compatible with x64 processors is found. – Kifsif Sep 28 '12 at 8:25
if you absolutely need the scanner, i know a paid software called VueScan which should get the job done.. – tumchaaditya May 10 '13 at 13:18
Have you tried the 64bit Vista driver?… – Miles Hayler May 16 '13 at 15:21
This works far more often than you think, since Vista and Seven are pretty similar under the hood. – MDT Guy Jan 17 '14 at 15:18

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