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I have multiple word documents that have a date field code displaying the current date. I need a way to modify each document so that it shows the CreateDate field instead of Date.

The format for each field is currently DATE \@ "dd MMMM yyyy" on each of the documents, but I would like it changed to CREATEDATE \@ "dd MMMM yyyy".

Is there anyway I can automate this for multiple documents, instead of having to go into each one separately?

If it helps, there is only 1 date field in all of the documents and they are in .doc format

Thanks in advance!

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In the past, I have used the VBA Find & Replace add-in to update multiple documents. The claim is;

VBA Find and Replace© provides a method for finding and replacing text anywhere in a document

You will have to investigate whether the "anywhere" includes field codes.

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Here is the macro as short as possible.
It will change all Date fields to CreateDate fields within all open Word documents.

  • open all Word documents you want to change
  • pick a random one and press ALT+F11
  • insert the code below into ThisDocument
  • close your VBA editor and press ALT+F8 and ececute the macro

    Sub replacedate()
    For Each mydoc In Documents
        For Each myfield In mydoc.Fields
            If myfield.Code Like " DATE  \@ ""dd MMMM yyyy""*" Then
                 myfield.Code.Text = " CREATEDATE  \@ ""dd MMMM yyyy""  \* MERGEFORMAT "
            End If
    End Sub

Since this is a Q&A site, I describe the code. That way it may be helpful for others who can easily adapt and customize the code.

  1. starts and ends a macro (subroutine)
  2. loops through all open Word documents
  3. loops through all available fields within that particular document
  4. condition to check if the current field is a Date field
  5. if yes, the field formula will be changed to CreateDate
  6. belongs to line 4 and closes the IF-condition
  7. belongs to line 3 and closes the loop for fields
  8. belongs to line 2 and closes the loop for documents
  9. belongs to line 1 and closes the whole routine
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