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I know I can mount a vmfs version 3 on linux using vmfs-tools.

First I get the iscsi connection using open-iscsi

I then check in my partition tool to which virtual drive the iscsi connection has been mapped.

  Expert Partitioner                                                       

   ┌System View────────────────────────┐Available Storage on serviceseta
   │─┬─serviceseta                     │┌──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┐
   │ ├+─Hard Disks                     ││Device   │     Size│F│Enc│Type               │FS Type│Label│Mount Point               │
   │ ├──RAID                           ││/dev/sda │  2.00 TB│ │   │VMware-Virtual disk│       │     │                          │
   │ ├──Volume Management              ││/dev/sda1│195.00 MB│ │   │Linux native       │Ext4   │     │/boot                     │
   │ ├──Crypt Files                    ││/dev/sda2│  4.00 GB│ │   │Linux swap         │Swap   │     │swap                      │
   │ ├──Device Mapper                  ││/dev/sda3│  2.00 TB│ │   │Linux native       │Ext4   │     │/                         │
   │ ├──NFS                            ││/dev/sdb │  1.56 TB│ │   │IET-VIRTUAL-DISK   │       │     │                          │
   │ ├──BTRFS                          ││/dev/sdb1│  1.56 TB│ │   │unknown            │       │     │                          │
   │ ├──TMPFS                          ││/dev/sdd │  7.52 TB│ │   │IET-VIRTUAL-DISK   │       │     │                          │
   │ └──Unused Devices                 ││/dev/sdd1│  7.52 TB│ │   │Linux native       │       │     │                          │
   │───Installation Summary            ││tmpfs    │498.27 MB│ │   │TMPFS              │TmpFS  │     │/dev/shm                  │

OK I can see there's two IET virtual disks and I can tell which is which from the size.
So I know I need to mount /dev/sbd1 and /dev/sdd1 somehow.

One of these disks (extends actually) is VMFS3, the other is VMFS5.

I can mount the VMFS3 using

vmfs-fuse /dev/sdb1 /mnt/opensuse1600gb

However if I try the same using the big storage

vmfs-fuse /dev/sdd1 /mnt/opensuse7700gb

I get

Error stat()ing '/dev/ssd1'

If I then try

debugvmfs /dev/sdd1 df

I get

VMFS: Unsupported version 5
Unable to open device/file "/dev/sdd1".

Is there some tool that supports mounting vmfs5?

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Please, check the version of vmfs-tools package by running the following command:

dpkg-query -l vmfs-tools

According to the following article the VMFS5 is supported prior to 0.2.5 version only.

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