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I know with readline you can use emacs or vi commands to edit the input of several interactive text programs. I wonder if there exists such a similar facility to control the whole desktop in Gnome or in any other desktop environment.

Maybe it could be a program that intercepts keystrokes and process them in the way vi does, translating sequences of characters to desktop commands and delivering to the active window only the text that is writen in insert mode.

Do you know some tool like that?

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No, I don't know of such a mechanism. What kind of commands would you like to port? Window navigation? Text input? Anyway, I think that this questions belongs to superuser. – romainl Sep 27 '12 at 8:00

Have a look at xmonad. It is possible to control it completely from keyboard.

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Have a try of Xmonad or Awesome! These two are the most famous tiling windows managers that use vi-like keybindings to navigate the windows.

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