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Just installed bash dropbox-upload on my raspberry Pi with a debian distro. Right now I have to be in my root/src/Dropbox-Upload/ catalog to run ./ command.

How can I make ./ run from anywhere?

I saw something like Add: export PATH=$PATH:/new/path

But I'm really a newbie on linux and scripting. Where and how should I add it?

Kind regards

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In your home directory there should be a file like .profile / .bash_profile / .bashrc If one of these files is present, open them and see if there is a line already defining your PATH. If so, you could append the folder containing the dropbox upload shell script. If not, create a new line for PATH.

More info on path cam be found here:

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Instead of messing with your PATH you could simply move it to /usr/local/bin (assuming this directory exists and is already on the default PATH, and assuming the script is self-contained, i.e. doesn't also need to have libraries or data files installed).

The prefix ./ is used to refer to the current directory; you should omit that part to make the shell use your PATH for locating the script or executable.

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