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Is there a non-interactive way to disable line wrapping in gedit? i.e., a config file? I am teaching a class and would like to change the settings for the whole class globally.

(follow-up to how to turn off line wrap in gedit?)

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Older gEdit used config files (%gconf.xml) in the hidden dirs under your ~home . The new gEdit (v. 3.**) uses dconf/gsettings backend and as such it no longer uses config files to load the editor prefs. You can either use dconf-editor or gsettings (CLI) to change gEdit preferences.
In your case, to disable line-wrap either open a terminal and run:

gsettings set org.gnome.gedit.preferences.editor wrap-mode none

or fire-up dconf-editor and navigate to org > gnome > gedit > preferences > editor and in the right pane you will see the key wrap-mode (should be the last one). Click'n'hold on its value to change it to 'none' (or GTK_WRAP_NONE on some systems).

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