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I have to recompile the Ubuntu 12.04 kernel for 1000Hz and I am following the documentation available here but its for Lucid and has a specific ec2 branch. Is is possible to recompile the precise kernel for EC2? If not, can I use the Lucid kernel?

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What do you mean by recompiling for 1000hz? What is this measurement for? – Simon Sheehan Sep 28 '12 at 3:42

Worked for me, using existing "Ubuntu-3.2.0-32.51" branch (i.e git checkout Ubuntu-3.2.0-32.51 -b ec2-asterisk)

P.S It has booted into the newly compiled kernel(with 1000Hz ticking) but I haven't thoroughly tested it...

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Actually the right way to do this for Precise on EC2 is to use the low-latency kernel available from apt repo.

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