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Our desktop computer at home automatically shutdown whenever.. err.. I don't know the reason. Anyways, my brother went to the place, where there was someone who fix computers, and let them checkup our CPU. Then he saw someone rubbing an eraser (yes the eraser we use when we were 5) to the processor, and with curiosity, he try it in our broken CPU, and to my surprise, our computer now works!

Doe's rubbing an eraser to the processor fixes it, or at least helps in fixing our CPU? Is there any static or something that helps it fix it?

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The only thing I can think of is that that person was using an eraser to remove a left over thermal pad. It is not the tool I would use, but I guess careful application of an eraser could work.

If your home server shut down on it own, but no longer does that after you removed the CPU, cleaned it, added new thermal paste and properly reattached the heat sink then you might have had a heat problem. The eraser would not have fixed anything. Cleanly and correctly reinstalling the CPU might have fixed it.

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