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Is it possible to show all web history in Google Chrome for a specific website? I tried entering on the history page to see all history from that domain, but it returned no results.

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Yes, I met with the same problem a few days ago, and I'm afraid Chrome's default history page doesn't come with such functionality.
The best solution I found out is to install an extension called 'better history'
Just search for the domain (type '' then press Enter) then click 'delete', chrome will ask you whether you really want to delete all search results, click 'delete' then it is done.
There is a question I am not able to figure out, however. As you can see, all history records are devided by week (the list on the left side), like Sep.24, Sep.17, Sep.10... I accidently delete all my history last week so I only have history of this week in my chrome. As a result, I don't know whether the extension only searches that domain within this week, or searches all history. You can have a try at your side.

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Instead of searching, just type the URL. This returns all sites from that URL, in addition to a few other sites.

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Yes, it works reasonably well, but I'd like to exclude those "other sites" so that I won't accidentally delete anything. – Anderson Green Sep 27 '12 at 19:56

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