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I'm using Windows 7. My music is stored on a TrueCrypt volume that I mount when I log in. Each time I do that, I immediately start my music player, foobar2000.
But doing that manually all the time is quite an annoyance. Is there a way to automate the startup of foobar2000 when the volume (M: in my case) is mounted ?

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Why don't you create a batch file or script that will mount the volume (see full list of TrueCrypt command-line options here) and then start foobar with your desired playlist (see full list of foobar command-line options here)? You can even schedule the script to run automatically on logon.

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I'm really sorry not to accept your answer, but I realized today my question wasn't complete : Truecrypt is started by Keepass (when I open the DB containing volume password). – Riduidel Jan 11 '13 at 9:50
Oh well, it's good you at least managed to solve your problem. :) – Karan Jan 11 '13 at 22:32
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Inspired by Karan answer, I today started to expand my Keepass script-fu, and especially my knowledge of Keepass triggers.

So I created a trigger that is activated when I open the Keepass that contain the password used for that Truecrypt volume (which I didn't told in my question - very bad). When that trigger activates, I perform the following actions :

enter image description here

The most important detail here being how I launch Truecrypt (thanks again to Karan for the Truecrypt command-line reference) :

/volume C:\Users\me\Documents\ /letter M /q /m rm

This way it directly displays the password entry dialog, which Keepass can then populate using the global auto-type.

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