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Anyone have any pointers to some LAMP-based code to get the functionality of drop.io (send large files) on a self hosted site?

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On Software Recommendations SE: File hosting service similar to drop.io (but self-hosted and free/libre) –  unor Mar 18 at 21:11
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It's not LAMP-hosted, but Tonido is free and works on Windows, OS X and Linux. It's great for sharing files and it connects directly to the host machines instead of hosting the files on 3rd party servers.

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Thanks.. tho I'm really looking for something that operates the way drop.io does. Upload to your own server and generate a unique URL for that item - ideally it'd have the option to assign a password, and should expire after some definable amount of time. –  perlguy9 Sep 29 '09 at 14:13
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