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I have the bunch of files that have names like MOV001.mpg, MOV002.mpg etc. They all have different date-time.

How can I rename them so they turn into 2012 08 05 13 45 33 MOV001.mpg, 2012 09 02 23 45 07 MOV002.mpg etc.?

In other words, how can I extract the date and time information from the files I rename?

Thank you much in advance.

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for f in *.mpg; do
  mv "$f" "$(stat -f "%m" -t "%Y %m %d %H %M %S" "$f") $f"

stat -f "%m" should produce the last modified date of the file, -t "%Y %m %d %H %M %S" should format the date according to your requirements.

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Thank you. Helped when using stat -f "%Sm" instead of stat -f "%m" – Sunny Reborn Pony Nov 15 '12 at 9:48

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