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Is there some application or workarounds to identify a hidden window (or dialog) on Windows XP?

The situation is similar to the one where you can't access the main window of an Office application because of a hidden dialog somewhere that waits a selection or a "OK" press. You try to click on the main window, and it activates, but you cant' move it or do anything with it.

Using AltTab or opening the task manager and "switch to" does not help. I also tried to "split horizontally"/vertically" on any "activable" dialog or window, but nothing works.

With the TaskManager I could however reduce my "active-incactive" application and with split I could modify indirectly its size, so the application is responsive.

How can I find the blocking dialog and put it on top?

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The only thing for me which worked was to minimize all screens (using the Windows key + D) - then using your mouse, click each open application one at a time - the dialogue box belongs to the application and typically when you maximize the application, the dialogue moves to the front (and becomes visible and click-able).

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tried, does not work... – serhio Sep 28 '12 at 12:31

If the window is not actually hidden, but moved off screen or resized to 0 width and/or height, try pressing AltSpace. That will open the window's system menu, allowing you to move it back on screen and/or resize it.

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does not appear any menu... when pressing Alt+Apace, I tried.. – serhio Sep 28 '12 at 12:29

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