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I was experimenting with default open handlers for folders (to use an alternative file manager), so messing with HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Folder, Drive and Directory I was able to change the default "shell" handler.

After I was done experimenting I managed to set everything back, except for the taskbar.

This problem affects both the Start Menu and the Quick Launch: when I click on a folder (shortcut in the Quick Launch) or even the Control Panel, an explorer window opens up in "Search mode".

So, my question is: what I'm missing? I did a regsvr32 loop to re-register all the DLLs in the windows folder after putting back some default values.

I can simply restore a backup if I want to have the functionality back, so what I'm interested in is discovering how this works behind the scenes.

I'm using Windows XP 32bit, SP3, with classic Start Menu.


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