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Possible Duplicate:
How can I run an application with command line arguments in Mac OS

I'm trying to make this flag run every time I launch Google Chrome on OSX: --allow-outdated-plugins

It works with the terminal, but I need it to be default with no need for the terminal.

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This script (quoted below) worked for me. No need for terminal whatsoever:

How to fix Adobe Flash issue on Mac OS X 10.5.8 with allow-outdated-plugins switch and restore Chrome functionality (step-by-step screen shots included):

Step 1. In Finder goto the Finder pull-down menu -> Services -> Script Editor -> Make New AppleScript

Step 2. Copy/Paste the following into Script Editor:

do shell script "/Applications/Google\\\\ Chrome --allow-outdated-plugins &

Step 3. Goto File -> Save As -> **FILENAME: ChromeScript (File Format: select "Application"; Options: make sure only "Run Only" is checked)


From now on you will use your new ChromeScript app to open Chrome. You can also replace your "old" Chrome icon in your launch bar with the new script for convenience. Remember to manually update your plugins once in a while because Chrome will no longer do it automatically.

Could you tell me how you run terminal though? It did not work no matter how I ran commands, so I'm just curious.

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