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What is the maximum amount of memory that the Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook can support?

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So, I have a Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook laptop, which has been pretty nice, but I'm getting rid of it. Anyhow, while I'm waiting for my new laptop to arrive, I purchased a 16GB (2x8GB) kit of RAM.

I wanted to test my new RAM, and at the same time, I figured I would see if I could install one of the 8GB SO-DIMMS into the Samsung Series 5. The Series 5 has a soldered-on, non-removable 4GB stick of RAM (don't know where it sits physically). Previously, I had installed an additional 4GB stick of RAM in the single, removable slot, to bring it up to 8GB total.

It turns out that you CAN install an 8GB SO-DIMM into the single, removable slot, to achieve a maximum amount of 12GB of RAM. Previously, I had thought that the maximum RAM for the Samsung Series 5 was 8GB (4GB non-removable + 4GB removable).

The model number of this unit is: NP530U4B-A01US

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