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enter image description here

I want to change my saturation level to zero and again to default but I can do it manually by going to ati catalyst center.

Since, I want to do it regularly I need some batch file code or program to alter this settings in a click or using shortcut keys.

The reason I am doing this because I want to change my screen to black and white from color since b/w will make my eyes less tired then a colored display.

I came to know about this saturation from my previously asked question :

Changing display color from B/W to color (vice-versa)using a program.

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Use some automation tools with macro recorder to record the process once and later "play" it using some hotkey assigned to it.

One such tool is AutoHotKey, it provides a Recorder which enables you to capture mouse clicks and button presses. More about Macro Recorder for AutoHotKey.

Once you have macro recorder all you have to do is to press Record and Do the task which you want to be automated (i.e. change color settings), when done stop the recorder and export the genereated script as an AHK file. Then repeat the process for Reverting back the color settings.

Just double click these .AHK files to 'play' the recorded action back.

To launch these scripts via some keyboard Shortcut, you need to attach a hotkey to it. This can be done by adding a single line to the top of the script, Like this one #n:: to launch script on Win+N More here.

Easy to use recorder for Autohotkey.

Another tool for automation is Autoit.

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Thank you very much for telling about this recorder it will help in a long run..I will try ur suggestion and if problems is solved I will put your answer as a solution..:) – FrozenKing Sep 29 '12 at 15:39

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