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I'm looking to get that from a graph. but problem is that graph is in image form. Now I want to extract data in excel from that graph. how can i do it? I'm using office 2003.

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Print it and use a ruler and/or protractor? –  RedGrittyBrick Sep 29 '12 at 10:55

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Use Graph Extract Program. It is a free Windows based program to extract data from any graph image. You can load the graph as an image in the program and extract data in tabulated format. The program will accommodate linear, log-linear and log-log plots, and will work with scatter plots, line plots or bar charts. Extracted data can be viewed in CSV viewer or Excel program.

Good Luck!

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Wow! Awesome. I didn't know, that such marvels exist. –  Adam Ryczkowski Sep 30 '12 at 8:14

For OSX I have used GraphClick with good results.

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What you need is a digitizing software. A software that converts a graph to data, that is, numbers.

You can download the software im2graph. Im2graph is free and available for Linux and Windows. The website has full documentation as well as videos and screenshots. Simply paste the image, select the graph, copy the data and paste the valuea to Excel.

See http://www.im2graph.co.il

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