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I'd like to put my schedule into org-mode, so that I can see my classes in the agenda. I have different classes, repeated every week, all of them taking 90 minutes. I was thinking about something like this:

* My schedule
** Differential equations
   <2012-10-04 Thu 11:45 +1w>--<2012-10-04 Thu 13:15 +1w>

However, there are two problems: I can see only the next instance in the agenda, and I can't see the ending time. Any ideas?

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I'm pretty sure you're searching for the org-diary-class, mentionned in the Worg faq.

Your exemple would then be (assuming classes end on December 20th) :

** 11:45-13:15 Differential equations
   <%%(org-diary-class 10 4 2012 12 20 2012 2)>

You can add weeks where there are no classes after the last number (which is 2 for tuesday).

If you don't like having the time in the headline, you can use :

%%(org-diary-class 10 04 2012 12 20 2012 2) 11:45-13:15 Differential Equations

Last time I checked, it required %% not to be indented, so I guess each of these awesome solutions have their slight drawback.

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