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I installed the JsDocs package and use it to document my code. ATM I'm using SublimeCodeIntel with Alt+Click to jump to the documentation, but this is quite annoying, especially when you just want to look up one little detail and then have to scroll back.

Assuming I've got a function foo like this:

 * foo does some multiplication magic
 * @param  {Number} bar var number 1
 * @param  {Number} baz var number 2
 * @return {Number}     this equals bar*baz
function foo(bar, baz) {
    return bar*baz;

Is there any package/plugin that displays the documentation of the function foo and its params and its return value when I type foo( (without scrolling to the documentation)?

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That would be something... but nothing out there yet ey?! –  Dominik Jul 14 at 0:33

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