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I have a satellite box which has a SCART for output and I want to connect it to an LG monitor which has a VGA connection and a DVI connection.

Is it possible with a cable or would I need some circuitry to convert the signals?

This isn't a duplicate of this as I want to the output to be SCART and the input VGA whereas that question is the opposite.

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This is not possible without additional hardware.

While you may find some articles that have only passive components in schematics, like this one: (sites like this warn you that all you do - you do at your own risk).

The both cables have a separate lines for the Red, Green, and Blue signals. But the synchronization signal is transferred differently in these two standards. VGA uses separate H-Sync and V-Sync signals while Scart has only one composite synchronization signal. Here you may see the schematic of a simple converter that mixes up H-Sync and V-Sync of the VGA cable into the Video sync signal. However I would propose you to find a ready to use solution

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Please expand on this answer. It is vague in its current form. – user3463 Sep 30 '12 at 19:01
@RandolphWest done – Serge Sep 30 '12 at 19:24

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