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Installation order:

  1. Firefox
  2. Flash Player
  3. VLC with firefox addon (for playback)

Before step 2, mp4 files were being displayed in firefox (like youTube etc).

After step 3, I noticed that mp4 videos are playing using vlc (in browser). I disabled tha vlc plugin and now firefox is asking what to do with the file (the download menu appears).

In the Options->Applications I see the following. There is no option such as Use Flash player (in Firefox) like the adobe acrobat plugin.

I tried installing flash player again but with no luck. Is there a way to fix this without ruining this Firefox profile?

I am refering to mp4 and firefox because using chrome and right-clicking on video I see the flash player context menu, and in firefox by clicking the video (that is just blank, without the player) I am getting the download dialog.

Environment: Win7 x64, Firefox 15

enter image description here

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