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I have dual boot (Debian and Windows XP), and the boot is from GRUB. I want to remove Linux and grub, and restore the Windows boot. However, I cannot use installation CD to restore the MBR. Thus, I want to restore Windows boot from inside the Windows. There is a software called EasyBCD, but it works for Windows Vista/7 bootloader, and does not work with Windows XP standalone.

Is there a similar program for Windows XP or a method to do so safely from within the Windows environment?

NOTE: My problem is that this is an old computer which does not boot from USB and has a broken CD drive. Thus, if corrupting boot loader, there should be a long way to recover the computer.

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As far as you can boot Windows use the following command at the Windows command prompt:

fdisk /mbr

then don't forget to set the active partition

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First off, if you're going to be doing something like this for the first time, if you have say a external or backup drive that's blank, I recommend using software like Gparted to completely backup your partitions to to those drives for safety. You may be also able to use gparted to change the partition from GRUB as well if I am not mistaken.

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Actually, I don't care about my data, as I already have backup. My worry is that upon unsuccessful boot, I do not have a decent way to boot the computer. If Gparted can restore Windows boot, it should be OK. –  All Sep 30 '12 at 18:35

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