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I connected my TI-89 to my Windows 7 system, and apparently it is not plug-and-play.

There was a link to a Windows configuration setting made available that gave the option to automatically search their windows site for drivers and automatically install them each time i connect an unrecognized device.

Well, I selected that link with the intention of it being temporary and just that one time. That didnt work and the location/install of a driver was not successful.

How can I reset that setting to not automatically install whatever drivers it thinks might be fitting? I cannot find that configuration setting when I looked for it recently.

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Click on the second button, in the new Window choose the second option...

enter image description here

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Alternate way to open the dialog: In the Start Menu search box type change device and click on the Change device installation settings option. – Karan Oct 1 '12 at 21:02

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