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On my laptop I try to create an environment that will be kept to a minimum of the mouse usage.

I use awesome wm and firefox+vimperator. Unfortunately, in the case of email, I have not yet worked out a workable solution. Now I use Yandex.Mail (web-interface) or Thunderbird (and even Muttator) and both of this solutions don't help...

My current goal is to find the perfect console mail client.

I've setted up offlineimap+msmtp, and now I have Maildir with my emails. So I'm looking for a suitable MUA.

My requirements for the mail client are as follows:

  1. Fast search like in the web version (possibly better)
  2. Fast processing about 45k+ emails
  3. Comfortable address book with autocomplete like in web-version
  4. Labels
  5. It is desirable vim-like interface, and be sure to vim as a text editor*emphasized text*

I found the following options:

  1. Sup. Everybody like sup, but it is not under development since 2011, and I was not able to run it on my Arch Linux.
  2. Mutt. Very popular, but the latest version is dated 2010. There is a version of mutt-kz supporting notmuch, but then what is its advantage over notmuch?
  3. Notmuch. Developers wrote that they were inspired by Sup. Notmuch integrated with a search engine and has a lot of frontends: http://notmuchmail.org/frontends/. Among them, I have not yet found the perfect

Actually, the question is: can you advise me something specific (mot necessary from list above)? Maybe you have disappointing experience? Any information would be helpful!

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I was a pine user for years, switched to alpine several years ago. I am not sure about all the features you mention, but I would recommend giving it a try at least.

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