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I have iBall 150M Extreme Wireless N Router. I am trying to connect my internet through this router. I configured it correctly (using quick configuration) as per my knowledge using static IP Address. But When I plugged in WAN cable in to WAN (Blue) Port. It is not showing me LED ON for WAN on Router.

I Said I configured it correctly because it worked for me once and then when I switched off my modem and router then it never worked.

I plugged same cable in to my Laptop and it is working perfectly. Also, I tried with 2 routers (both are same make and model).

I am connected with modem.

In Router configuration page, it shows me WAN Port unplugged when I try to Auto Detect IP Address.

Any one faced this kind of issue ? Please let me know. Thanks in advance.

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Just wondering did you find the solution to the problem. –  user88311 Jun 26 '13 at 17:07

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Sounds like maybe a short in your router, if you got it from your ISP or just bought it recently I'd return and get a new one just to see if that solves that problem.

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