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I am currently developing a C++ application in Visual Studio and every couple of minutes I build an executable and try to run it.

It takes a relatively long time and I am pretty sure it's the anti-virus software I use that's the cause - Norton Internet Security 2012. I tried to exclude the executables built by VS, but it seems that Norton treats each build as a separate application.

Q: Is it possible to set-up Norton IS so that it doesn't monitor the executables built by me (for instance stop it from monitoring my project directory and any executables that will eventually be created there)?

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  1. Click Settings on the Norton Internet Security main page:


  2. On the Computer tab, click AntiVirus and SONAR Exclusions

  3. Click Configure [+] next to Items to Exclude from Scans (repeat the steps below for Items to Exclude from Auto-Protect, SONAR and Download Intelligence Detection as well):


  4. On the Scan Exclusions dialog, click Add:


  5. On the Add Item dialog, click the Browse button NIS3 and navigate to the folder or file to exclude from scans:


  6. OK your way out

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