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I just bought an SSD drive for my Vista (32bit) box (120GB OCZ Agility 3). Unfortunately windows vista won't display it in the my computer window, and generally wont let me work on it. However, the bios recognizes the SSD drive correctly, and when I go on the windows device manager the drive is there as well. I can see the device properties.

On the volumes, when I click on populate, I have: Disk: Disk1 Type: Uknown Status: not initialized Partition style: not avaiable Unallocated space: 0MB Reserved space: 0MB

Any ideas what could be wrong? Thanks

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right click on the drive in disk Management and pick initialize. One that is complete, you will be able to create partitions.

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Ah disk management tool. Did not even think about it. Thanks, that worked! – Spiros Sep 30 '12 at 0:39

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