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I am installing Fedora 17, and after creating the hard disk partitions, the installation wizard is throwing an error:

ext4 file system check failure on /dev/sda3

Again and again, this same error is displayed. I am confused about the reason behind this error.

How can I diagnose this error?

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After formatting the partition and before copying the files, the installer probably is doing a fsck, and detecting that the filesystem is inconsistent. There's a good chance that either your installer is borking something or the HD is bad.

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Assuming Fedora uses the same "anaconda" graphical installer RHEL does, Ctrl-Alt-F1 should get you to a console; if F1 doesn't work, at least one of F2 through F5 should.

From there you can run

 fsck /dev/sda3

manually, which should give you detailed enough output to start to work out what is going wrong.

Hope this helps!

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