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I'm looking for a solution in order to share a san mounted volume between several hosts running on Linux (RHEL) and/or Solaris (Sparc).

Note that I basically need to share a set of directories containing large binary files that are accessed in random R/W mode.

I have the following reqs :

  • keep the data on the SAN
  • suitable i/o performances as the software is pretty demanding on IOPS
  • stick to a shared file system as I can't afford a cluster fs (lack of MDS/OSS infrastructure)
  • compression could be really usefull

For now I've found only the following candidates :

  • GFS2 , supports Linux only, no compression
  • VxFS , supports Linux and Solaris, compression supported

So if you have some suggestions for this list, I'll really welcome them.

Thanks in advance,

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