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enter image description here

How do I select a middle part of an hyper-link as you see in the image above?

You can also suggest me a browser extension or a userscript that converts all links to text in a selected sub part of the page after pressing a hot-key.

(Browser: Google Chrome)

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Try the ToggleLink add-on.

Interestingly, I just found out that pressing Alt allows you to select part of a link with the mouse in Firefox! See if by some chance that works in Chrome as well.

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Wow! This extension is even better than what I was looking for. Thank you so much! – hkBattousai Oct 2 '12 at 17:50
@hkBattousai You don't even need the extension. Check out the tip about Alt in this answer. Unless you do this a lot and don't want to have to press the key. – Fiksdal Jun 14 at 9:25

If you click right above the link, right when the cursor changes from a hand back to a pointer, and drag across from that point, you can select the middle part of a hyperlink. I just tried it out in Chrome.

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It works in Firefox (32 on Ubuntu) too but you have to be very precise - exactly on the correct pixel line. – pabouk Sep 4 '14 at 10:30

I had the same question, and because there wasn’t a solution for GNU/Linux, I asked the question on Ask Ubuntu.

There, user264504 answered that it’s possible by holding Super + Alt while selecting the text with the mouse.

(As my question was about Firefox and got closed as duplicate for this one, which is about Google Chrome, I think it makes sense to also give solution for Firefox. There is the add-on: Link Toggler.)

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I know you're asking about Chrome, but Firefox allows it when you do the selection while holding the alt key pressed, so this may be worth trying with Chrome too.

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The best addon for firefox is the drag-selected link text. With it, you can select link text just as the normal text. Very convenient, I highly recommend it!

enter image description here

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While someone taling holding alt key can solve the problem, but in Ubuntu gnome this doesn't work. – buzhidao Nov 29 '15 at 10:57

For firefox and opera alt + mousedrag as stated in other answer.

For Chrome searching text and pressing esc.
enter image description here

Here I searched for "I save" then press esc and spread the selection with arrow. Note: Ctrl + g to switch between next occurance of searched text "I save".

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