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I added a disk to a W2K8R2 machine, and gave it a drive letter: X

I want to change that, and mount it as a folder now.

Is that even possible? How?

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I have no server 2008 available to test it, but this is how you do it in windows 7. (Which is mostly the same)

  • Go to disk management
  • Select the partition you want.
  • Right click, change drive letter and paths
  • Remove your drive letter, press ok
  • Right click, change drive letter and paths (back to the previous screen)
  • Add drive letter or path, select *mount in a following empty NTFS folder"
  • Press OK, done.

The pictures below show one way to do it. (I am sure there are others, e.g. using the prompt).

Via desktop to computer manage

From manage to disk management

Remove drive letter

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I am not sure if drives can be mounted as folders in windows at all.

I would mount the drive the normal way and create a symbolic link in the place I'd need the folder to be.

mklink /d C:\dir\to\link X:\

Not sure if this works, as I have no win machine at hand right now.

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as I said this is the way I'd do it, it might be quick and dirty but it would suffice in the use cases I can think of. – Baarn Oct 2 '12 at 8:19
You can mount as folders with the disk management. I just don't know if I can change from already define as drive to mounted folder – Saariko Oct 2 '12 at 8:22

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