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I have a Linux VPS that I would like to turn into a media server. Like most cheap VPS's, it has a fairly small storage capacity. What I would like to do is attach the box to an online backup system such as SpiderOak where the files would reside and be directly accessible to either a webserver or media server software.

Since the VPS hdd is small, I do not want the files to be synced to it. I would like a storage system that is online only. Ideally mountable like a network drive.

Is there a workaround to hook up with SpiderOak that does not require syncing?

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+100 is similar to SpiderOak and/or Dropbox, and also allows mounting via WebDAV.

See their official support statement about WebDAV and FTP.

Or to go with a roll-your-own solution, you can always use Amazon S3 and s3fs.

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Have you thought about setting up owncloud on that VPS? I used to to it with one, was able to stream files through the easily installable plugins too! You would have complete control over you files, and there wouldn't be scaned by other corporations like dropbox will do. There are Iphone and Andoid Apps! Give it a look:

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Thanks but I'm looking for storage I can pay for and mount, ideally. SpiderOak appeals because of their privacy policies, but I don't want a syncing service. I just need a paid network drive of largish capacity. My VPS(s) are too small. – Sam Oct 2 '12 at 9:46

sshfs will work. It would require ssh access to another machine, though.

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