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This a strange one. I am working on my friend's PC with Windows XP. As soon as it starts to boot Windows, it powers off.

If I boot in safe mode, it boots OK.

I turned off all the services and all the startup while in safe mode and it still fails.

I swapped the PS just for fun.

Ran AVG and spybot in safe mode and found nothing.

Any ideas?

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Did you come up with a solution? I am having the exact same problem, and the PC has just been running hours in Safe Mode. I have also tried to do a System Restore with out any luck.

If it is some kind of virus/worm causing this, isn't there any tools to help you with this?

My personal guess is a faulty driver, but how can I identify this? Is there some kind of log when Windows boots, so I can which driver was the las one loaded, when the system powers down?

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Did you check whats in your startup folder? may be some kind of exe or bat file executing shutdown command.

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if you are known to virus like worms this may cause your problem there are lots of solutions:

try to FORMAT your PC using Windows XP CD if you have but first backup your files then before copying your files to your new formatted pc scan your backup files with anti virus.

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