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I am getting data from internet (Data>From Web) In sheet1. Then I disperse that data in to three sheets based on three unique text. Like a,b and c. Rows are copied to sheet a,b and c sheets depending on text (a,b,c) they have. All the rows have one unique text (like url) by which they can be searched. I have added static data corresponding to the row.

The problem is when ever internet data is changed (row addition/substitution or randomized). My static data loses its connection with the original row for which it was written. I want to search the data based on one unique key and put it to its original place where it used to be with static data.

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It might help if you provided some sample data or clarified why you are using sheets a,b,c. Sheet1 alone with filtering would seem to meet what I interpret to be your requirement. – pnuts Dec 7 '12 at 1:38

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