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I know you need at least two graphics cards for VGA passthrough... but I'm worried the integrated graphics card will get disabled once I plug in the PCI card. could xen (xcp) override this default behavior?

I would like to use the integrated gpu (i5 3470) for dom0 and then use VGA passthrough for a PCI card (Nvidea gForce GT 430) for the HVM windows guest... using the motherboard H77M-itx

i wouldn't mind getting another pci graphics card but I was silly and went for the itx board that only has one pci slot.

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I haven't tried yet but, I think I may have a chance. from… they said 6 series and up chipsets support gpu and PCI at the same time. Now I noticed in my bios under advanced->North Bridge Configuration, there is an option to choose the preferred graphics card whether onboard or PCI. I chose the onboard card as default. When I setup the windows VM i'll see if the VGA passthrough works... – neildaemond Oct 3 '12 at 11:34
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Check your BIOS settings for features related to onboard video and maybe dual screen support. My BIOS lets me control what the onboard video does when a video card is detected.

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