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I have multiple systems in my home network that are running Linux Mint. I also have a NAS server hooked to the home network, which already serves the various user's home directories (so no matter which machine you use, you always have "your" home directory available).

I also have a Raspberry Pi, which I successfully made to boot its root filesystem from the NAS instead of the SD card.

That latter experience made me wonder, if it would be possible to have the multiple Linux Mint machines share a common root installation on the network? I.e., install Linux to a NAS server share, then net-booting that installation from my various machines. I've done this for one machine already (the Pi), and am wondering if such an installation could be shared, so I would have to administrate / update only that one installation.

I see several problems, from /etc/hostname over /dev to potential concurrency issues, and wonder if this can be done, if it has be done before, issues I should be aware of (like, which system directories should not be shared but reside on local mounts), and if there might even be some how-to / caveats articles available on the web.

Things I found myself were mostly concerned with single system netboots, cluster systems, or enterprise Windows setups, which is why I am asking here.

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It has apparently been tried before - unsuccessfully.

I still hope somebody else comes up with better news.

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