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I have a trouble, configuring a home network.

Here is how my devices are connected together:

Wi-Fi Router ↔ MacBook
iMac ←ethernet cable→ Synology NAS

I have no ability to plugin NAS right into the Wi-Fi router.

The problem is that MacBook does not see NAS, because they are in different networks — I configured Wi-Fi Router to serve addresses, and configured iMac's ethernet connection to use 192.168.20/24 network.

Is there a way to setup route from MacBook to the NAS?

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why did you put them on different subnets? Is the "router" actually a router or just an access point? – BroScience Oct 4 '12 at 13:27

You can ignore the WiFi<-> Ethernet part and just think about it as "How can I route traffic on a iMac?".

For that you need add a routing table entry on the iMac. Assuming the iMac runs OS X you can just search on OS X and routing and you will find posts like this one.

If you feel that it lack background information then I suggest reading This post on SE: SF.

An other option (One which allows you to access the Synology NAS when the iMac is turned off) would be to just add a switch.

Wi-Fi Router 
    | → Synology NAS
    | → MacBook
    | → iMac

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Alternatively, just add a static route on your macbook. If you understand the basics of a network this is straight forward and you won't need to change your network or add devices.

Principle of adding a static route from your macbook is to tell it how to reach the NAS applicance/box.

Check this article below for a better description and walkthrough

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