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I am trying to use SSH from the Windows 7 command line as a client only. I CANNOT use a GUI.

Is Cygwin the best (easiest) option?

If so, how do I remove the server capabilities as this workstation will only be a client?

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Cygwin doesn't install an SSH server? I don't think there's anything you need to remove. Do a minimal install and add ssh. – pjc50 Oct 4 '12 at 15:40

I suggest you use Plink from the author of putty. It's a standalone .exe file which does just that - connect via SSH/Telnet to remote server on the command line.

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It makes a very poor SSH client, however, due to the complete (and intentional) lack of terminal emulation. – grawity Oct 4 '12 at 16:05
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Thanks @pjc50

Cigwyn default installs as a client. Configuration is required to make it a server.

From install Cygwin as Client and Server

At a minimum, to setup SSHD you must open a Cygwin window (by double clicking the Cygwin icon) and type:
You will prompted to answer a few questions. The questions will vary depending on whether you want to run SSHD as a service or not. Once completed, start the SSHD server. Started as a service:
net start sshd 
Started on the command line within a Cygwin shell:
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