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I have recently installed Debian on my laptop HP G62.

The problem is, I cannot establish a WiFi connection. I searched through the web, and I found some guide for setting up a WiFi internet connection.

I got stuck on the first step: Installing the NetworkManager.

I typed in the command line as said on the web site: aptitude install wireless-tools, but I have the following message in the terminal: No packages will be installed, upgraded or removed.

I downloaded the software on my PC, and then transferred it to my laptop, but I don't know how to install it from the path?

What should I do?

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In your case this probably indicates that wireless-tools is already installed.

Proceed to the following steps:

aptitude install network-manager
aptitude install network-manager-gnome 

(or aptitude install network-manager-kde if you have KDE instead of gnome)

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