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I use the NerdTree plugin for MacVim religiously, and find myself often wanting to open a folder in the Finder to work with the files. An example would be wanting to preview and copy some images.

Is there a quick way to do this that doesn't involve changing the current directory? My perfect scenario would be:

  • Move cursor to desired folder
  • Press "some key"
  • Folder opens up in the finder.
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Try the following

Add this map to your vimrc

nmap <Leader>b :NERDTreeFind<CR>

This you can do the following from an open file

  1. < Leader >b => highlight the file in NerdTree
  2. m => display the file options
  3. r => reveal in Finder

The above assumes you're running a GUI like MacVim for example. If you're in the shell you can add this to your vimrc

function! s:RevealInFinder()
  if filereadable(expand("%"))
    let l:command = "open -R %"
  elseif getftype(expand("%:p:h")) == "dir"
    let l:command = "open %:p:h"
    let l:command = "open ."
  execute ":silent! !" . l:command
 " For terminal Vim not to look messed up.
endfunction command! Reveal call <SID>RevealInFinder()

then when you're in the file you want to reveal in finder you do

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The shell command to open a folder is

$ open /path/to/folder

In a Vim function, this command could be invoked like this:

let g:mypath = /path/to/folder
execute "silent !open " . g:mypath

NERDTree's documentation has a simple and easy to follow example that you can expand using the global objects listed above.

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Pretty sure your links to the documentation are out of date. – Ben Mar 24 '14 at 19:23
@Ben, that kind of thing could happen, yes. Links fixed. – romainl Mar 24 '14 at 20:33

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