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Being new to both Python and particularly the pip package manager, I'm wondering if pip has an internal command for quickly opening a package's home page on the web.

If not possible by default, is there any available solution(s) for extending pip with this functionality (e.g. pip homepage django-boss)?

For comparison, I'm looking for something equivalent to Homebrew's:

brew home somepackage, which opens somepackage's home page in your default web browser.

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pip doesn't provide the functionality you require.

The pypi-tools package may serve as a base for a solution. It installs the pypi command which allows to search for packages in PyPI or show the information for a specific package:

$ pypi -s django-boss
 name:                django-boss
 summary:             Django management commands, revisited.
 version:             0.6.3
 author:              Zachary Voase

By perusing the package's source you should be able to integrate the module into a script of yours that gets the package's url and then invokes a browser with it.

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